Bradford Bar Dart League

Bradford Bar Dart League



2015 Winter Dart League Schedule
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      2016 Bradford Summer Dart League Meeting is May 25th 7:00pm @ The Lighterside





    **When both boards are used at the Lighterside, the first team on the schedule will use the board up front
    Position Weeks 5 and 11 will be posted after prior weeks scores have been reported. Home and Away may vary due to available boards

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    2016 Bradford Summer League Meeting will be held at The Lighterside May 25th 7:00pm

    1) If tied after shooting all 12 games(6-6), you will play a best-of-3 games scenario
    2) You will use your line-up for Game 1 for the first tie-breaker game
    3) You will use your line-up for Game 2 for the second tie-breaker game
    4) If one team wins both games, no need for a third tie-breaker game
    5) If still tied after the first 2 "tie-breaker" games have been played,
    you may pick any two shooters from your team to shoot against the other team for the final tie-breaker game


    Playoff Schedule will be posted after last week of regular season.