Bradford Bar Dart League

Bradford Bar Dart League



2015 Summer Dart League Schedule
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      2015 Bradford Summer Dart League party Sept. 12th @ Players






    2015 Bradford Summer Dart League party will be Sept. 12th at Players.


    The Bradford Dart League is a plastic-tip format dart league which plays Cricket. All regular match competition throughout the year is scheduled for Wednesday nights.

    This year, the league will offer three seasons of play which includes a 10-week Spring season that runs from February 1st through April, a Summer season, and a Fall/Winter Season. The Spring season will be less formal, as no trophies will be awarded and all prize money will go towards a party at the end of the season for all shooters. This is a good opportunity for new teams to the league to try out their darting skills and it also gives darting veterans an opportunity to shoot competitively in the off season.

    The regular match format consists of a total of 12 team points. Each team(4 members) will shoot 12 games of Cricket, each games consists of 2 players from each team shooting against the opposing team. Each member of your team will shoot with the other 3 members twice, playing 6 times total throughout the night.

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